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Softly Alpaca Fur Cuffs

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Handmade alpaca fur cuffs, lined with elasticated baby alpaca wool. These cuffs add a little luxury, not to mention warmth, to any coat, jacket or jumper.  Matching collar/headband available.   Available in steel grey.   Natural products may vary in colour.

Ethical fur – yes there is such a thing.

With 1000’s of alpacas living in the South American Andes, where the temperature fluctuations are extreme, there is a mortality rate of around 20% of the young and vulnerable babies (called crias.)  Using the fur from the sad but inevitable demise of the youngsters the herdsmen and their families got some recompense. But it is never financially viable to kill an alpaca for its fur or fibre as alive an alpaca will produce up to 15 years of annual valuable fibre harvest.

As we all know fur farming is both abhorrent and illegal in many countries – so why not use fake fur as its hard to tell the difference, but this is where the problem lies. Recent investigations by BBC and Sky news and the Telegraph and Independent newspapers have discovered the practice of selling so called ‘synthetic’ fur which is in fact from cat, rabbit or racoon dog. With litters of up to 16 and no regulations it is cheaper and more profitable for Asian companies to hoodwink the public worldwide with real fur pretending to be faux.

This is where alpaca fur comes in – So by buying products with alpaca fur you can be sure that it is the most ethical fur around

Gentle brush to remove dust and dirt or sponge with warm water, taking care not to soak the fur. Dry naturally away from direct heat.



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